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Question   Uniquely Different
Your work is innovative, inspiring and dessert for the eyes. I love your it! Best wishes to you in keeping this photo art alive.

- Jessica  Cavazos-Smith 1/12/2003 10:43:15 AM

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Question   The red rose
Breathtaking! How did you do it? Please share! When I look at your work the first thing that comes to mind is .... they should be on the fron t of a beautiful card!

Keep up the great work!

- Lori Irvin 1/8/2003 5:56:43 PM

  Answer The rose was shot with Provia 100. The scan recieved almost no tweaking in Photoshop except to clean up the scan. I don't have a macro lens, so I used a 200 mm lens very close at small apeture for DOF. My "lighting": room lights plus my garage halogen "work light." Primitive, but hopefully effective. Thanks for asking and thanks for the complements about my work. jj

- John J.  1/8/2003 6:31:41 PM

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Question   The rose and Pierre
Hi John,
Wow, the link from olympus photo school was a great idea.

You should sell Pierre for thousands.
He is EGG quisite!!!!!!!

High regards for your work.
Sherry Tallahassee, FL

- Sherry Frazee 1/7/2003 7:38:33 PM

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Question   Congrats!
Hi John: Verrry nice site ... keep up the fine work!

- Kerry Drager 1/7/2003 2:19:53 AM

  Answer Thanks Kerry and to everyone else who has posted a message. The kinds words are much appreciated. JJ

- John J.  1/7/2003 8:48:58 AM

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Question   Your albums
I really enjoyed looking at these, and especially liked the b/w peonies, the Mylar no. 2, and the perfume bottle and vase.

- J. Pusto 1/3/2003 5:21:30 PM

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Question   Posted images
When can we see more?

- Marsha O 1/2/2003 9:56:30 AM

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Question   your images
they are absolutely beautiful

- bill starr 1/2/2003 8:57:24 AM

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